Fanuc Repair, Fanuc Board Repair, Fanuc Drive Repair, Fanuc Power Supply Repair.

Fanuc Robots Drive and Power Supply Repairs fast and cheap

I have fast turn-around on Fanuc Parts Service and Board Repairs, also Power Supply's , Spindle Drives and Axis Drives.
This also includes GE Fanuc, GMF, General Numeric, Fanuc Robots and Fanuc Power-Mate Board Repair.

Fanuc 6M, 6T, Fanuc 0, 10, 11, 12, Fanuc 15, 16,18, 21
 All the "i" series Fanuc 0i,15i,16i,18i, 20i, 21i and Fanuc Robots
Location: America - Fanuc Parts and Repair. Our Fanuc USA located Service.
We repair Boards A06B-, A14B-, A16B-, A20B-, also Fuji, Fujitsu Drives, Power Supply's , etc.

  Full one year Warranty on Parts and Labor ! 

 "I am a Semi-retired CNC Engineer with very low overhead so I can repair your Fanuc Parts Fast and Cheap"

 Fanuc Part and Fanuc Repair     GE Fanuc and Fanuc Repair     Fanuc Part and Fanuc Repair     GM Fanuc Part and Fanuc Repair     General Numeric Fanuc and Fanuc Repair

Fanuc Robot Repair Fanuc Robot Repair and Fanuc Power Mate Repair Fanuc Power Mate Repair
Fanuc Power Mate Repairs too.


Fast Fanuc Repair Service for all Fanuc Controls!

A02B-0047-B001 Fanuc 6 Power Supply
A02B-0050-0032 Gen. Numeric Monitor
A02B-0050-C540 to 545 Fanuc 6T Oper. Pan.
A02B-0051-C540 to 545 Fanuc 6M Oper. Pan.
A02B-0084-C102 Gen. Numeric Keyboard
A02B-0084-C141 Fanuc 0M Oper Pan
If you don't see your Robot Part Call me!
A03B-0801-C021  CPU-A Mod
A03B-0801-C024  Add Optical
A03B-0801-C028  ROM MEM3
A03B-0801-C051  Pos. Module
A03B-0801-C101  IF01A Module
A03B-0801-C102  IF01B Module
A03B-0801-C111  OD16B Module
A03B-0801-C112  Output Module
A03B-0801-C117  OAID Module
A03B-0801-C125  ID16D Module
A03B-0801-C127  ID64D Module
A03B-0801-C132  ID32A Module
A03B-0801-C133  ID64A Module
A03B-0801-C143  Output Mod
A03B-0801-C401  IF01A Interface
A03B-0801-C425  IA16E
A03B-0801-C441 Fanuc Robot Mod
A03B-0801-C445 Fanuc Robot OA16D
A03B-0801-C449 Fanuc Robot Mod
A03B-0801-C460  RC01B
A03B-0801-C462 Robot Mod. Control
A03B-0805-B001 Hand Held Programmer
A03B-0807- Relay Module
FANUC Power-Mate REPAIR  too.
A05B-2003-C031 MDI CRT Unit
A05B-2004-C013 RC Control-Optional
A05B-2009-C052 RC Operator Panel
A05B-2012-C054 Robot Teach Pendant
A05B-2012-C056 Robot Teach Pendant
A05B-2018-C034 Robot Teach Pendant
A05B-2020-C141 RF Teach Pendant
A05B-2022-C001 Robot Back Plain
A05B-2022-C101 Robot CRT/MDI
A05B-2047-C141 Teach Pendant
A05B-2051-C142 RH Teach Pendant
A05B-2051-C143 RH Teach Pendant
We repair Robot Boards & Drives
Fanuc Power Supplies
A05B-2301-C300 RJ/RJ2 Teach Pend.
A05B-2301-C303 RJ/RJ2 Teach Pend.
A05B-2301-C305 RJ/RJ2 Teach Pend.
A05B-2301-C360 Teach Pendant
Call with your Fanuc Robot needs
Fanuc Robots
We do Fanuc Axis Drive and
Fanuc Spindle Drive Repairs
A06B-1100-0200 DC Spindle Bd
A06B-6035-H005/HOO6 Fujitsu Fanuc 6 Drive
A06B-6035-H315 Fujitsu Fanuc 6 Drive
A06B-6035-H316 Fujitsu Fanuc 6 Drive
A06B-6035-H321 Fujitsu Fanuc 6 Drive
A06B-6035-H422 Fujitsu Fanuc 6 Drive
A06B-6035-H423 Fujitsu Fanuc 6 Drive
A06B-6041-H103 Fanuc DC Spindle Drv
A06B-6041-H105  DC Spindle Drive
A06B-6041-H106  DC Spindle Drive
A06B-6041-H108  DC Spindle Drv
A06B-6041-H112 Fanuc DC Spindle Drive
A06B-6041-H115  DC Spindle Drv
A06B-6044-H007  AC Spindle Drive
A06B-6044-H008  AC Spindle Drv
A06B-6044-H010  AC Spindle Drv
A06B-6044-H011  AC Spindle Drv
A06B-6044-H106  AC Spindle Drive
A06B-6044-H312 AC Spindle Drive
A06B-6045-H001 VCU for Fanuc 6 Control
A06B-6045-H002 VCU for Fanuc 6
A06B-6045-H003 VCU for Fanuc 6
A06B-6045-H004 VCU for Fanuc 6
A06B-6045-H005 VCU for Fanuc 6
A06B-6045-H006 VCU for Fanuc 6 Control
A06B-6047-H001  Fanuc DC Servo Drive
A06B-6047-H002  DC Servo Drv
A06B-6047-H003  DC Servo Drv
A06B-6047-H004  DC Servo Drv
A06B-6047-H005  DC Servo Drv
A06B-6047-H006  DC Servo Drv
A06B-6047-H040  DC Servo Drv
A06B-6047-H041  DC Servo Drv
A06B-6047-H108  DC Servo Drv
A06B-6047-H201  DC Servo
A06B-6047-H203 Fanuc DC Servo Drive
Don't forget we repair all
Boards, Drives & Motors
A06B-6050-C005 Fanuc AC Servo Drives
A06B-6050-C102  AC Servo
A06B-6050-H002  AC Servo
A06B-6050-H003  AC Servo Drv.
A06B-6050-H004 Fanuc AC Servo Drive
A06B-6050-H005 AC Servo Drive
A06B-6050-H050 AC Servo Drive
A06B-6050-H102 AC Servo Drive
A06B-6050-H104 AC Servo Drive
A06B-6050-H113 AC Servo Drive
A06B-6050-H201 AC Servo Drive
A06B-6050-H202 AC Servo Drive
A06B-6050-H204 AC Servo Drive
A06B-6050-H303 AC Servo Drive
A06B-6050-H304 AC Servo Drive
A06B-6055-H112 Fanuc Spindle Drive
A06B-6055-H118 Spindle Drive
A06B-6057-H001 Fanuc Axis Drive
A06B-6057-H005 Axis Drive
A06B-6057-H006 Axis Drive
A06B-6057-H007 Fanuc Axis Drive
A06B-6057-H102 Axis Drive
A06B-6057-H201 Axis Drive
A06B-6057-H301 Axis Drive
A06B-6058-H002 Fanuc Servo Drive
A06B-6058-H004 Servo Drive
A06B-6058-H005 Servo Drive
A06B-6058-H006 Servo Drive
A06B-6058-H007 Servo Drive
A06B-6058-H025 Servo Drive
A06B-6058-H192 Discharge Unit
A06B-6058-H222 Servo Drive
A06B-6058-H221 Servo Drive
A06B-6058-H224 Servo Drive
A06B-6058-H304 Servo Drive
A06B-6058-H321 Servo Drive
A06B-6058-H332 Servo Drive
A06B-6058-H334 Servo Drive
A06B-6059-H002 Fanuc AC Spindle Dr
A06B-6059-H003 AC Spindle Drive
A06B-6059-H206 AC Spindle Drive
A06B-6059-H212 Spindle Drive
A06B-6059-H215 Fanuc Spindle Drive
A06B-6059-H222 Spindle Drive
A06B-6059-H302 Spindle Drive
A06B-6064-H302 Servo Drive
A06B-6066-H006 Servo Drive
A06B-6066-H233 Servo Drive
A06B-6081-H103 Power Supply
A06B-6087-H130 Power Supply
A06B-6088-H223 Drive
Don't see your Part # Call
GE Fanuc Board Repair
A13B-0032-B371 Position Display
A13B-0070-B001 Fanuc Tape Reader
A13B-0080-B001 Fanuc Tape Reader
A13B-0100-B001 Bubble Reader
A13B-0033-B001 Tape Reader
A13B-0033-B001 Fanuc Tape Reader
We Repair any Fanuc Part
Fanuc Power Supply Repair
A14B-0026-B001 Fanuc Power Supply
A14B-0046-B001 Fanuc Power Supply
A14B-0051-B001 Fanuc Power Supply
A14B-0061-B001 Power Supply
A14B-0061-B002 Fanuc Power Supply
A14B-0061-B001 Fanuc Power Supply
A14B-0061-B101 6 Power Input Unit
A14B-0061-B102 3 & 6 Input Unit
A14B-0061-B103 Power Input Unit
A14B-0061-B114 Input Unit
A14B-0067-B002     Robot Power Supply
A14B-0076-B104 Input Unit
A14B-0076-B105 Input Unit
A16B-0160-0030 Fanuc 200
A16B-0160-0210 Fanuc 200
A16B-0160-0260 Fanuc 200
A16B-0160-0270 Fanuc 200
A16B-0160-0440 Fanuc 200
A16B-0160-0470 DI/DO
A16B-0160-0471 DI/DO
A16B-0160-0540 DI/DO
A16B-0160-0543 Fanuc 200
A16B-0160-0651 Fanuc Bd.
A16B-0190-0010 Memory Board
A16B-0190-0050 Memory Board
A16B-0190-0060 Memory Board
A16B-0190-0061 Memory Board
A16B-0190-0080 Fanuc Bd.
A16B-0190-0080 Fanuc Bd.
A16B-0190-0100 Fanuc Bd.
A16B-0190-1010 Fanuc Bd.
A16B-1000-0010 3T/Mate Master PCB
A16B-1000-0030 6 Master PC Board
A16B-1000-0140 Master PCB
A16B-1010-0041 Master PCB
A16B-1010-0050 Master PCB, 11
A16B-1010-0150 "0" Master Bd.
A16B-1010-0190 Fanuc Master Board
A16B-1010-0285 0MB Master Board
A16B-1010-0321 10 Master Board
A16B-1100-0080 PC Board
A16B-1100-0200 Control Board
A16B-1100-0280 Axis Control Bd
A16B-1100-0330 Digital Servo
A16B-1200-0150 Fanuc 6 ROM Mod
A16B-1200-0210 Fanuc 6 ROM Mod
A16B-1200-0230 PWH CNT/Duel Axis
A16B-1200-0410 Absoluteint
A16B-1200-0800 Power Amp. Board
A16B-1210-0020 AXIS CPU
A16B-1210-0210 Main Buffer
A16B-1210-0220 Peripheral Control Bd
A16B-1210-0270 Fanuc RAM Board
A16B-1210-0280 Fanuc ROM
A16B-1210-0430 Fanuc 11 Add Axis
A16B-1210-0470 Fanuc 11 ROM/RAM
A16B-1210-0480 Connection Board
A16B-1210-0510 Fanuc 0B Fanuc 10 P.S.
A16B-1210-0560 Fanuc 11 P.S.
A16B-1210-0660 Fanuc Power Supply
A16B-1210-0950 Processor Board
A16B-1210-0970 Fanuc 3 Axis Ctrl
A16B-1211-0270 Board
A16B-1211-0301 Board
A16B-1211-0850 Fanuc Power Supply A
A16B-1211-0890 Fanuc Power Supply
A16B-1211-0920 Graphic Bd. OC
A16B-1211-0961 OC Analog Intrf.
A16B-1212-0100 Fanuc Power Supply
A16B-1212-0110 Fanuc Power Supply
A16B-1212-0210 Memory OC Bd
A16B-1212-0220 I/O Fanuc 0C
A16B-1212-0871 Power Supply
A16B-1300-0221 Spindle Board
A16B-1310-0010 Power Supply
A16B-1310-0530 PCB
A16B-1600-0150 Power Input Bd
A16B-2200-0124 Base 0 Bd.
A16B-2200-0130 Base 1 Bd.
A16B-2200-0360 Axis 0C
A16B-2200-0391 0C Fbk. Bd.
A16B-2200-0391 Fanuc O Bd
A16B-2200-0661 Fanuc 0 Bd
A16B-2200-0700 Oper. Panel
A16B-2201-0102 Fanuc O Bd
A16B-2201-0103 Fanuc O Bd
A16B-2201-0107 Fanuc 0 Bd
A16B-2201-0440 Spindle Board
A16B-2201-0441 Spindle Board
A16B-3200-0020 CPU
Some Parts are not listed yet
A20B-0002-0940 Control Board
A20B-0002-0943 Control Board
A20B-0003-0210 Fanuc 5 Board
A20B-0003-0630 Fanuc 5 Board
A20B-0003-0740 Fanuc 5 Board
A20B-0003-0741 Fanuc 5 Board
A20B-0003-0742 Fanuc 5 Board
A20B-0003-0744 Fanuc 5 T A Bd
A20B-0003-0745 Fanuc 5 M B
A20B-0003-0754 Fanuc 5 T B
A20B-0003-0755 Fanuc Bd.
A20B-0003-0880 Tape Rdr. Bd.
A20B-0004-0010 Fanuc 2000C MDI/DPL
A20B-0004-0069 CKT Bd.
A20B-0004-0170 DC PCB with PS
A20B-0004-0171 DC PCB no PS
A20B-0004-0400 Fanuc 11
A20B-0004-0440 Fanuc 200 Bd.
A20B-0004-0500 Memory Fanuc 5
A20B-0005-0130 3 MP & W Tape Center
A20B-0005-0290 Fanuc Part
A20B-0005-0321 3 MDI/DPL PCB
A20B-0005-0371 to 0379 Spin. Drv. Bd.
A20B-0005-0450 3 & 5 PS Bd.
A20B-0005-0455 D/A Converter, (5)
A20B-0005-0530 Spindle Dr. Bd.
A20B-0005-0711 200C Fanuc 7
A20B-0006-0640 Fanuc 5T
A20B-0006-0745 Fanuc 5M or 5T
A20B-0007-0010 Fanuc 6A Master Bd
A20B-0007-0030 Fanuc 6A
A20B-0007-0040 6 I/O Board
A20B-0007-0060 Puncher Bd. 6
A20B-0007-0061 Puncher Bd. 11
A20B-0007-0070 Char. Display Control
A20B-0007-0330 Power
A20B-0007-0360 Servo Control Board
A20B-0007-0361 Srv. Cntrl. Bd. 6045
A20B-0007-0440 Keyboard Circuit
A20B-0007-0440 Keyboard Circuit
A20B-0007-0750 Tape Reader Bd.
A20B-0008-0070 0C Bd
A20B-0008-0242 Spin. Orientation
A20B-0008-0243 Spin. Orientation
A20B-0008-0371 Spindle Board
A20B-0008-0410 Fanuc 6B Mother Bd
A20B-0008-0430 6B CRT Puncher Intr.
A20B-0008-0440 Fanuc 6 PC Mod B
A20B-0008-0461 Resolver/Inductosyn
A20B-0008-0480 Fanuc 6 ROM Bd
A20B-0008-0500 M-M Interface (6)
A20B-0008-0540 I/O Board (6)
A20B-0008-0750 Tape Read. Photo Bd.
A20B-0009-0150 DI/DO Bd. 11
A20B-0009-0361 Fanuc Board
A20B-0009-0532 Fanuc Board
A20B-0014-0069 Fanuc Part
Fanuc Robot Repair
A20B-1000-0500 6B CRT Display PCB
A20B-1000-0560 Axis Top Bd.
A20B-1000-0770 Fanuc Power Supply
A20B-1000-0850 CRT/MDI P.S. 10/11
A20B-1000-0890 Power Supply 11
A20B-1000-0900 CRT Control Bd.
A20B-1000-0940 I/O Board
A20B-1000-0950 I/O Board
A20B-1000-0990 Fanuc Part
A20B-1001-0120 Spindle Top Bd.
A20B-1001-0160 CRT/MDI P.S.Board. 10/11
A20B-1001-570 Fanuc Part
A20B-1001-0711 Fanuc Part
A20B-1003-0010 AC Spindle Top Bd.
A20B-1003-0041 Fanuc Part
A20B-1003-0340 Fanuc Part
A20B-1004-0740 Fanuc Part
A20B-1100-0160 Fanuc Part
A20B-2000-0220 Fanuc Drive Bd.
General Numeric Repair
GMF Repairs
A61L-0001-0072 9" Monochrome Monitor
A61L-0001-0073 9" Monochrome Monitor
A61L-0001-0074 Fanuc Monitor 14" Color
A61L-0001-0076 9" Monochrome Monitor
A61L-0001-0086 9" Monochrome Monitor
A61L-0001-0092 9" Monochrome Monitor
A61L-0001-0093 9" Gray Scale Monitor
A61L-0001-0094 Fanuc Monitor 14" Color
A61L-0001-0095 9" Monochrome Monitor
Fanuc Bubble Memory
Memory Size
A87L-0001-0009 BMU
A87L-0001-0015 BMU 20 meters
A87L-0001-0016 BMU 40 mtrs.
A87L-0001-0017 BMU 80 mtrs.
A87L-0001-0018 BMU 320 mtrs.
A87L-0001-0084 BMU 320 mtrs.
A87L-0001-0085 BMU 640 mtrs.
A87L-0001-0086 BMU 1280 mtrs.
Fanuc Hi-Speed Memory
Check Prices!
Fanuc 6/9/11/12 High Speed
Memory Upgrade Sale!
SKU-2120 (6/11/12)
320 meters 128k $Call
SKU-2140 (6/11/12)
1280 mtrs 512k $Call
SKU-2141 (9)
HSL, Base 128k $Call
SKU-2170 (11/12)
5120 mtrs 2meg $Call
SKU-2175 Fanuc 11
HSL5 with MME Board
2meg, Eithernet
RF Robot
SKU-3130 (10A)
80 mtrs. 32k $Call
SKU-3260 (10AD)
480 mtrs. 192k $Call
SKU-3270 (10B)
640 mtrs. 256k $Call
Fanuc 15A
Memory Upgrade Sale!
SKU-2340 (15A)
1280 mtrs. 512k $Call
SKU-3250 (15A)
5120 mtrs. 2meg $Call
Fanuc 16/18
High Speed Memory
SKU-2420 (16A/18A)
320 mtrs. 128k $Call
SKU-2421 (16BC/18BC)
320 mtrs. 128k $Call
SKU-2430 (16A/18A)
640 mtrs. 256k $Call
SKU-2431 (16BC/18BC)
640 mtrs. 256k $Call
SKU-2440 (16A/18A)
1280 mtrs. 512k $Call
SKU-2441 (16BC/18BC)
1280 mtrs. 512k $Call
SKU-2470 (16BC/18BC)
5120 mtrs. 2meg $Call
Fanuc 0 Memory Upgrade
Fanuc 0A, 0B & 0C
SKU-3310 (0A)
120 mtrs. 48k $Call
SKU-3340 (0B)
320 mtrs. 128k $Call
SKU-3370 (0C)
320 mtrs. 128k $Call



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