Fanuc Repair, Fanuc Board Repair, Fanuc Drive Repair, Fanuc Power Supply Repair.

Fanuc Robots Drive and Power Supply Repairs fast and cheap

I have fast turn-around on Fanuc Parts Service and Board Repairs, also Power Supply's , Spindle Drives and Axis Drives.
This also includes GE Fanuc, GMF, General Numeric, Fanuc Robots and Fanuc Power-Mate Board Repair.

Fanuc 6M, 6T, Fanuc 0, 10, 11, 12, Fanuc 15, 16,18, 21
 All the "i" series Fanuc 0i,15i,16i,18i, 20i, 21i and Fanuc Robots
Location: America - Fanuc Parts and Repair. Our Fanuc USA located Service.
We repair Boards A06B-, A14B-, A16B-, A20B-, also Fuji, Fujitsu Drives, Power Supply's , etc.

  Full one year Warranty on Parts and Labor ! 

 "I am a Semi-retired CNC Engineer with very low overhead so I can repair your Fanuc Parts Fast and Cheap"

   A14B-0061-B002    GN6    GM Fanuc Part and Fanuc Repair     General Numeric Fanuc

Fanuc Robot Repair  Fanuc Power Mate Repair
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  I do Power Mate Repairs too.

Ph.   (828) 597-9508

Fast Fanuc Repair Service for all Fanuc Controls!

A02B-0047-B001 Fanuc 6 Power Supply
A02B-0050-0032 Gen. Numeric Monitor
A02B-0050-C540 to 545 Fanuc 6T Oper. Pan.
A02B-0051-C540 to 545 Fanuc 6M Oper. Pan.
A02B-0084-C102 Gen. Numeric Keyboard
A02B-0084-C141 Fanuc 0M Oper Pan
If you don't see your Robot Part Call me!
A03B-0801-C021  CPU-A Mod
A03B-0801-C024  Add Optical
A03B-0801-C028  ROM MEM3
A03B-0801-C051  Pos. Module
A03B-0801-C101  IF01A Module
A03B-0801-C102  IF01B Module
A03B-0801-C111  OD16B Module
A03B-0801-C112  Output Module
A03B-0801-C117  OAID Module
A03B-0801-C125  ID16D Module
A03B-0801-C127  ID64D Module
A03B-0801-C132  ID32A Module
A03B-0801-C133  ID64A Module
A03B-0801-C143  Output Mod
A03B-0801-C401  IF01A Interface
A03B-0801-C425  IA16E
A03B-0801-C441 Fanuc Robot Mod
A03B-0801-C445 Fanuc Robot OA16D
A03B-0801-C449 Fanuc Robot Mod
A03B-0801-C460  RC01B
A03B-0801-C462 Robot Mod. Control
A03B-0805-B001 Hand Held Programmer
A03B-0807- Relay Module
FANUC Power-Mate REPAIR  too.
A05B-2003-C031 MDI CRT Unit
A05B-2004-C013 RC Control-Optional
A05B-2009-C052 RC Operator Panel
A05B-2012-C054 Robot Teach Pendant
A05B-2012-C056 Robot Teach Pendant
A05B-2018-C034 Robot Teach Pendant
A05B-2020-C141 RF Teach Pendant
A05B-2022-C001 Robot Back Plain
A05B-2022-C101 Robot CRT/MDI
A05B-2047-C141 Teach Pendant
A05B-2051-C142 RH Teach Pendant
A05B-2051-C143 RH Teach Pendant
We repair Robot Boards & Drives
Fanuc Power Supplies
A05B-2301-C300 RJ/RJ2 Teach Pend.
A05B-2301-C303 RJ/RJ2 Teach Pend.
A05B-2301-C305 RJ/RJ2 Teach Pend.
A05B-2301-C360 Teach Pendant
Call with your Fanuc Robot needs
Fanuc Robots
We do Fanuc Axis Drive and
Fanuc Spindle Drive Repairs
A06B-1100-0200 DC Spindle Bd
A06B-6035-H005/HOO6 Fujitsu Fanuc 6 Drive
A06B-6035-H315 Fujitsu Fanuc 6 Drive
A06B-6035-H316 Fujitsu Fanuc 6 Drive
A06B-6035-H321 Fujitsu Fanuc 6 Drive
A06B-6035-H422 Fujitsu Fanuc 6 Drive
A06B-6035-H423 Fujitsu Fanuc 6 Drive
A06B-6041-H103 Fanuc DC Spindle Drv
A06B-6041-H105  DC Spindle Drive
A06B-6041-H106  DC Spindle Drive
A06B-6041-H108  DC Spindle Drv
A06B-6041-H112 Fanuc DC Spindle Drive
A06B-6041-H115  DC Spindle Drv
A06B-6044-H007  AC Spindle Drive
A06B-6044-H008  AC Spindle Drv
A06B-6044-H010  AC Spindle Drv
A06B-6044-H011  AC Spindle Drv
A06B-6044-H106  AC Spindle Drive
A06B-6044-H312 AC Spindle Drive
A06B-6045-H001 VCU for Fanuc 6 Control
A06B-6045-H002 VCU for Fanuc 6
A06B-6045-H003 VCU for Fanuc 6
A06B-6045-H004 VCU for Fanuc 6
A06B-6045-H005 VCU for Fanuc 6
A06B-6045-H006 VCU for Fanuc 6 Control
A06B-6047-H001  Fanuc DC Servo Drive
A06B-6047-H002  DC Servo Drv
A06B-6047-H003  DC Servo Drv
A06B-6047-H004  DC Servo Drv
A06B-6047-H005  DC Servo Drv
A06B-6047-H006  DC Servo Drv
A06B-6047-H040  DC Servo Drv
A06B-6047-H041  DC Servo Drv
A06B-6047-H108  DC Servo Drv
A06B-6047-H201  DC Servo
A06B-6047-H203 Fanuc DC Servo Drive
Don't forget we repair all
Boards, Drives & Motors
A06B-6050-C005 Fanuc AC Servo Drives
A06B-6050-C102  AC Servo
A06B-6050-H002  AC Servo
A06B-6050-H003  AC Servo Drv.
A06B-6050-H004 Fanuc AC Servo Drive
A06B-6050-H005 AC Servo Drive
A06B-6050-H050 AC Servo Drive
A06B-6050-H102 AC Servo Drive
A06B-6050-H104 AC Servo Drive
A06B-6050-H113 AC Servo Drive
A06B-6050-H201 AC Servo Drive
A06B-6050-H202 AC Servo Drive
A06B-6050-H204 AC Servo Drive
A06B-6050-H303 AC Servo Drive
A06B-6050-H304 AC Servo Drive
A06B-6055-H112 Fanuc Spindle Drive
A06B-6055-H118 Spindle Drive
A06B-6057-H001 Fanuc Axis Drive
A06B-6057-H005 Axis Drive
A06B-6057-H006 Axis Drive
A06B-6057-H007 Fanuc Axis Drive
A06B-6057-H102 Axis Drive
A06B-6057-H201 Axis Drive
A06B-6057-H301 Axis Drive
A06B-6058-H002 Fanuc Servo Drive
A06B-6058-H004 Servo Drive
A06B-6058-H005 Servo Drive
A06B-6058-H006 Servo Drive
A06B-6058-H007 Servo Drive
A06B-6058-H025 Servo Drive
A06B-6058-H192 Discharge Unit
A06B-6058-H222 Servo Drive
A06B-6058-H221 Servo Drive
A06B-6058-H224 Servo Drive
A06B-6058-H304 Servo Drive
A06B-6058-H321 Servo Drive
A06B-6058-H332 Servo Drive
A06B-6058-H334 Servo Drive
A06B-6059-H002 Fanuc AC Spindle Dr
A06B-6059-H003 AC Spindle Drive
A06B-6059-H206 AC Spindle Drive
A06B-6059-H212 Spindle Drive
A06B-6059-H215 Fanuc Spindle Drive
A06B-6059-H222 Spindle Drive
A06B-6059-H302 Spindle Drive
A06B-6064-H302 Servo Drive
A06B-6066-H006 Servo Drive
A06B-6066-H233 Servo Drive
A06B-6081-H103 Power Supply
A06B-6087-H130 Power Supply
A06B-6088-H223 Drive
Don't see your Part # Call
GE Fanuc Board Repair
A13B-0032-B371 Position Display
A13B-0070-B001 Fanuc Tape Reader
A13B-0080-B001 Fanuc Tape Reader
A13B-0100-B001 Bubble Reader
A13B-0033-B001 Tape Reader
A13B-0033-B001 Fanuc Tape Reader
We Repair any Fanuc Part
Fanuc Power Supply Repair
A14B-0026-B001 Fanuc Power Supply
A14B-0046-B001 Fanuc Power Supply
A14B-0051-B001 Fanuc Power Supply
A14B-0061-B001 Power Supply
A14B-0061-B002 Fanuc Power Supply
A14B-0061-B001 Fanuc Power Supply
A14B-0061-B101 6 Power Input Unit
A14B-0061-B102 3 & 6 Input Unit
A14B-0061-B103 Power Input Unit
A14B-0061-B114 Input Unit
A14B-0067-B002     Robot Power Supply
A14B-0076-B104 Input Unit
A14B-0076-B105 Input Unit
A16B-0160-0030 Fanuc 200
A16B-0160-0210 Fanuc 200
A16B-0160-0260 Fanuc 200
A16B-0160-0270 Fanuc 200
A16B-0160-0440 Fanuc 200
A16B-0160-0470 DI/DO
A16B-0160-0471 DI/DO
A16B-0160-0540 DI/DO
A16B-0160-0543 Fanuc 200
A16B-0160-0651 Fanuc Bd.
A16B-0190-0010 Memory Board
A16B-0190-0050 Memory Board
A16B-0190-0060 Memory Board
A16B-0190-0061 Memory Board
A16B-0190-0080 Fanuc Bd.
A16B-0190-0080 Fanuc Bd.
A16B-0190-0100 Fanuc Bd.
A16B-0190-1010 Fanuc Bd.
A16B-1000-0010 3T/Mate Master PCB
A16B-1000-0030 6 Master PC Board
A16B-1000-0140 Master PCB
A16B-1010-0041 Master PCB
A16B-1010-0050 Master PCB, 11
A16B-1010-0150 "0" Master Bd.
A16B-1010-0190 Fanuc Master Board
A16B-1010-0285 0MB Master Board
A16B-1010-0321 10 Master Board
A16B-1100-0080 PC Board
A16B-1100-0200 Control Board
A16B-1100-0280 Axis Control Bd
A16B-1100-0330 Digital Servo
A16B-1200-0150 Fanuc 6 ROM Mod
A16B-1200-0210 Fanuc 6 ROM Mod
A16B-1200-0230 PWH CNT/Duel Axis
A16B-1200-0410 Absoluteint
A16B-1200-0800 Power Amp. Board
A16B-1210-0020 AXIS CPU
A16B-1210-0210 Main Buffer
A16B-1210-0220 Peripheral Control Bd
A16B-1210-0270 Fanuc RAM Board
A16B-1210-0280 Fanuc ROM
A16B-1210-0430 Fanuc 11 Add Axis
A16B-1210-0470 Fanuc 11 ROM/RAM
A16B-1210-0480 Connection Board
A16B-1210-0510 Fanuc 0B Fanuc 10 P.S.
A16B-1210-0560 Fanuc 11 P.S.
A16B-1210-0660 Fanuc Power Supply
A16B-1210-0950 Processor Board
A16B-1210-0970 Fanuc 3 Axis Ctrl
A16B-1211-0270 Board
A16B-1211-0301 Board
A16B-1211-0850 Fanuc Power Supply A
A16B-1211-0890 Fanuc Power Supply
A16B-1211-0920 Graphic Bd. OC
A16B-1211-0961 OC Analog Intrf.
A16B-1212-0100 Fanuc Power Supply
A16B-1212-0110 Fanuc Power Supply
A16B-1212-0210 Memory OC Bd
A16B-1212-0220 I/O Fanuc 0C
A16B-1212-0871 Power Supply
A16B-1300-0221 Spindle Board
A16B-1310-0010 Power Supply
A16B-1310-0530 PCB
A16B-1600-0150 Power Input Bd
A16B-2200-0124 Base 0 Bd.
A16B-2200-0130 Base 1 Bd.
A16B-2200-0360 Axis 0C
A16B-2200-0391 0C Fbk. Bd.
A16B-2200-0391 Fanuc O Bd
A16B-2200-0661 Fanuc 0 Bd
A16B-2200-0700 Oper. Panel
A16B-2201-0102 Fanuc O Bd
A16B-2201-0103 Fanuc O Bd
A16B-2201-0107 Fanuc 0 Bd
A16B-2201-0440 Spindle Board
A16B-2201-0441 Spindle Board
A16B-3200-0020 CPU
Some Parts are not listed yet
A20B-0002-0940 Control Board
A20B-0002-0943 Control Board
A20B-0003-0210 Fanuc 5 Board
A20B-0003-0630 Fanuc 5 Board
A20B-0003-0740 Fanuc 5 Board
A20B-0003-0741 Fanuc 5 Board
A20B-0003-0742 Fanuc 5 Board
A20B-0003-0744 Fanuc 5 T A Bd
A20B-0003-0745 Fanuc 5 M B
A20B-0003-0754 Fanuc 5 T B
A20B-0003-0755 Fanuc Bd.
A20B-0003-0880 Tape Rdr. Bd.
A20B-0004-0010 Fanuc 2000C MDI/DPL
A20B-0004-0069 CKT Bd.
A20B-0004-0170 DC PCB with PS
A20B-0004-0171 DC PCB no PS
A20B-0004-0400 Fanuc 11
A20B-0004-0440 Fanuc 200 Bd.
A20B-0004-0500 Memory Fanuc 5
A20B-0005-0130 3 MP & W Tape Center
A20B-0005-0290 Fanuc Part
A20B-0005-0321 3 MDI/DPL PCB
A20B-0005-0371 to 0379 Spin. Drv. Bd.
A20B-0005-0450 3 & 5 PS Bd.
A20B-0005-0455 D/A Converter, (5)
A20B-0005-0530 Spindle Dr. Bd.
A20B-0005-0711 200C Fanuc 7
A20B-0006-0640 Fanuc 5T
A20B-0006-0745 Fanuc 5M or 5T
A20B-0007-0010 Fanuc 6A Master Bd
A20B-0007-0030 Fanuc 6A
A20B-0007-0040 6 I/O Board
A20B-0007-0060 Puncher Bd. 6
A20B-0007-0061 Puncher Bd. 11
A20B-0007-0070 Char. Display Control
A20B-0007-0330 Power
A20B-0007-0360 Servo Control Board
A20B-0007-0361 Srv. Cntrl. Bd. 6045
A20B-0007-0440 Keyboard Circuit
A20B-0007-0440 Keyboard Circuit
A20B-0007-0750 Tape Reader Bd.
A20B-0008-0070 0C Bd
A20B-0008-0242 Spin. Orientation
A20B-0008-0243 Spin. Orientation
A20B-0008-0371 Spindle Board
A20B-0008-0410 Fanuc 6B Mother Bd
A20B-0008-0430 6B CRT Puncher Intr.
A20B-0008-0440 Fanuc 6 PC Mod B
A20B-0008-0461 Resolver/Inductosyn
A20B-0008-0480 Fanuc 6 ROM Bd
A20B-0008-0500 M-M Interface (6)
A20B-0008-0540 I/O Board (6)
A20B-0008-0750 Tape Read. Photo Bd.
A20B-0009-0150 DI/DO Bd. 11
A20B-0009-0361 Fanuc Board
A20B-0009-0532 Fanuc Board
A20B-0014-0069 Fanuc Part
Fanuc Robot Repair
A20B-1000-0500 6B CRT Display PCB
A20B-1000-0560 Axis Top Bd.
A20B-1000-0770 Fanuc Power Supply
A20B-1000-0850 CRT/MDI P.S. 10/11
A20B-1000-0890 Power Supply 11
A20B-1000-0900 CRT Control Bd.
A20B-1000-0940 I/O Board
A20B-1000-0950 I/O Board
A20B-1000-0990 Fanuc Part
A20B-1001-0120 Spindle Top Bd.
A20B-1001-0160 CRT/MDI P.S.Board. 10/11
A20B-1001-570 Fanuc Part
A20B-1001-0711 Fanuc Part
A20B-1003-0010 AC Spindle Top Bd.
A20B-1003-0041 Fanuc Part
A20B-1003-0340 Fanuc Part
A20B-1004-0740 Fanuc Part
A20B-1100-0160 Fanuc Part
A20B-2000-0220 Fanuc Drive Bd.
General Numeric Repair
GMF Repairs
A61L-0001-0072 9" Monochrome Monitor
A61L-0001-0073 9" Monochrome Monitor
A61L-0001-0074 Fanuc Monitor 14" Color
A61L-0001-0076 9" Monochrome Monitor
A61L-0001-0086 9" Monochrome Monitor
A61L-0001-0092 9" Monochrome Monitor
A61L-0001-0093 9" Gray Scale Monitor
A61L-0001-0094 Fanuc Monitor 14" Color
A61L-0001-0095 9" Monochrome Monitor
Fanuc Bubble Memory
Memory Size
A87L-0001-0009 BMU
A87L-0001-0015 BMU 20 meters
A87L-0001-0016 BMU 40 mtrs.
A87L-0001-0017 BMU 80 mtrs.
A87L-0001-0018 BMU 320 mtrs.
A87L-0001-0084 BMU 320 mtrs.
A87L-0001-0085 BMU 640 mtrs.
A87L-0001-0086 BMU 1280 mtrs.
Fanuc Hi-Speed Memory
Check Prices!
Fanuc 6/9/11/12 High Speed
Memory Upgrade Sale!
SKU-2120 (6/11/12)
320 meters 128k $Call
SKU-2140 (6/11/12)
1280 mtrs 512k $Call
SKU-2141 (9)
HSL, Base 128k $Call
SKU-2170 (11/12)
5120 mtrs 2meg $Call
SKU-2175 Fanuc 11
HSL5 with MME Board
2meg, Eithernet
RF Robot
SKU-3130 (10A)
80 mtrs. 32k $Call
SKU-3260 (10AD)
480 mtrs. 192k $Call
SKU-3270 (10B)
640 mtrs. 256k $Call
Fanuc 15A
Memory Upgrade Sale!
SKU-2340 (15A)
1280 mtrs. 512k $Call
SKU-3250 (15A)
5120 mtrs. 2meg $Call
Fanuc 16/18
High Speed Memory
SKU-2420 (16A/18A)
320 mtrs. 128k $Call
SKU-2421 (16BC/18BC)
320 mtrs. 128k $Call
SKU-2430 (16A/18A)
640 mtrs. 256k $Call
SKU-2431 (16BC/18BC)
640 mtrs. 256k $Call
SKU-2440 (16A/18A)
1280 mtrs. 512k $Call
SKU-2441 (16BC/18BC)
1280 mtrs. 512k $Call
SKU-2470 (16BC/18BC)
5120 mtrs. 2meg $Call
Fanuc 0 Memory Upgrade
Fanuc 0A, 0B & 0C
SKU-3310 (0A)
120 mtrs. 48k $Call
SKU-3340 (0B)
320 mtrs. 128k $Call
SKU-3370 (0C)
320 mtrs. 128k $Call



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